iAbrasive Flap Disc Material

Flap disc glue (One-component EPOXY Resin Adhesives)

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Model Number: One-component
For: Coated Abrasives

Trade Information

Min. Unit of Measure: Barrels
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Other

Product Description

Flap disc glue (One-component EPOXY Resin Adhesives)

Flap disc glue (One-component EPOXY Resin Adhesives) for fixing the sand cloth flaps on the fiberglass backing plate. It is semi-solid, totally free from solvents, which is used with heated pressing flap disc machines.


    1). Excellent adhesion to phenolic abrasive cloth, ceramics, electroplating metal, waterproof abrasive paper, iron core, fiberglass cloth and circuit boards.

    2). Heat-resistant. It can work under the temperature between 160 to 200℃ with little damage to adhesion strength.

    3). High toughness. It can bear thermal shock and impacts during -30~140℃.

    4). Good flow-resistance and impermeability.

    5). Low expansion rate. It will not easily fall off the bonded materials when the temperature varies.

    6). Very suitable for such circumstances which call for high demands on adhesion ability under high temperature and strain capacity.


    1). Before loading onto the making machine, the flap disc glue needs to be rested two days at room temperature.

    2). Keep the bonding surface of the backing plate clean, it can not have other impurities.

    3). The overflow of adhesive can be cleaned with acetone or ethanol.

    4). After assembling the flap disc should be put into the oven with the temperature up to 120°C and heat preservation for 2h-3h.

    5). Natural cooling after curing should be placed in an oven, to avoid internal stress.


    Colloidal packing 30kg, 280kg or 300kg per barrel. 280kg is strongly recommended.


    Colloid belongs to low toxic chemicals, should avoid entering eyes, oral.


    1). The glue should be stored in dry places under low temperatures. If you apply a freezer for storage, please keep the glue back to the room temperature (25 ℃) before use.

    2). Generally according to the transport of chemicals, the adhesive is not dangerous goods.

    3). It has a 12-month shelf-life, over shelf life can not continue to use, avoid to damage the rubber pump of the making machine.


Why choose us?

Our selected manufacturer possesses more than six years' professional producing experience of the glue, and the formula is developed by the company technical personnel meticulously. Until now, the production technology proves to be quite mature and stable, and the one-component epoxy resin glue it developed has been sold throughout the world in large quantities and won much praise and referrals.

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